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Search Engine Optimization is the most sustainable form of Digital Marketing, and we help you to lift your website to the top of Google, Baidu and other platforms!

Your page is beautiful and well designed? But that is not enough, it won’t be successful if it can’t be found when people search for your products or services.

SEO is all about realizing the potential of content and website as well as about developing/accelerating the visibility and digital presence it deserves.

There are over 200 Ranking Factors for search engines, our specialists make sure to check the box for the most important and impactful ones.

International SEO Services | brand2top

Our International SEO Services follow always a clear path, based on the status of your website:

①  Comprehensive audit to get the exact page status

②  Assuring perfect indexing and ranking abilities

③  Increasing/improving content and text to html ratio

④  Conducting professional On-Page SEO practices

⑤  Processing Technical SEO and Off-Page SEO practices

⑥  Linkbuilding to get the most out of your online presence

SEO is the number one factor to:

• raise brand awareness

• accelerate website traffic

• increase visibility & reach

• get more conversions

• improve UX on desktop & mobile

International SEO Services | brand2top
International SEO Services | brand2top

We guarantee you:

Higher keyword rankings ✔

Higher Traffic through Organic ✔

Lower Bounce Rate through improved page structure ✔

More Conversions through Organic ✔

A Higher Conversion Rate ✔

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What means Indexing?

Indexing is important for the success of your pages so the Search Engine can understand your website and the pages you want to rank.

Wrong Indexing will lead to:

• a waste of Crawl Budget
• that important Pages can’t rank as the Search Engine can’t find them with their algorithm
• a loss of rankings, less conversions and a worse user experience as empty or broken pages get indexed

Some actions we take to assure correct indexing:

• Create and optimize robots.txt file (e.g. add xml sitemap to it)
• Set Up Google Search Console
• Remove and Request indexing of certain pages

What is On-Page SEO?

Imagine if you don’t use the keywords correct or in the crucial html elements of your page, the Search Engine is not able to understand which term is it you want to rank for or you provide valuable content for.

Some On-Page SEO items we optimize:

• Meta Title
• Meta Description
• Headings (H1-H6)
• Image ALTs
• Anchor texts
• URL Structure

What is Technical SEO?

Imagine your page would rank number one for all your important keywords, you would have thousands of visitors monthly, but once reaching your website, it is not mobile friendly and too slow, doesn’t provide a good user experience because of broken links and more.

Technical SEO is crucial and essential for a website! No Technical SEO = No conversions.

Some actions to assure a good user experience and high rankings:

• Page Speed
• Mobile Friendliness
• HTML Sitemap
• Removal of Broken Elements
• Resolving of Duplicate Content Issues
• Breadcrumbs adding
• Implementation of schema markup
• Sitelinks
• Site architecture optimization

What is Off-Page SEO and why is it so important?

Off-Page SEO also mostly focused on building Citations and Backlinks through outreach: Increase that way traffic from external sources, Domain Authority and brand awareness.

Domain Authority is a huge ranking factor, one of the most important ones in fact.

Some Off-Page actions we execute:

• Regain broken backlinks
• Get competitor lost backlinks
• Competitor referring domains
• Optimize social profiles

About us

International SEO Services | brand2top


Established in early 2021, we are a young team of german professionals dedicated to work with aspiring startups and recognized companies to reach ambitious goals with a fine combination of experience, knowledge & passion.

Martin John

Our Co-Founder Martin holds a German management degree. Over the past 15 years, he has worked in European and Asian companies of various sizes. He gained an extensive knowledge of sales, marketing and business development strategies globally.

Johannes Lorenz

Our Co-Founder Johannes holds a master degree and two bachelor degrees. While he worked in South American and Asian agencies, he acquired a deep knowledge of SEO and programming languages. Johannes speaks fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

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